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Contact Elizabeth Gonzales  Elizabeth Gonzales ex: 22325 Educational Assistant
Contact Linnea Holden  Linnea Holden ex: 22353 Teacher
Contact Naomi Marquis  Naomi Marquis ex: 22365 Educational Assistant
Contact Shelly Rose  Shelly Rose ex: 22325 Teacher
Contact Santa Sanchez  Santa Sanchez ex: 22307 Educational Assistant
Contact Kelly Weber  Kelly Weber ex: 22307 Dual Language Teacher
First Grade
Contact Erin Hogu  Erin Hogu ex: 22326 Teacher
Contact Amy Shaw  Amy Shaw ex: 22353 Teacher
Contact Marisol Williams  Marisol Williams ex: 22348 Dual Language Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Kristi DeMar  Kristi DeMar ex: 22339 Dual Language Teacher
Contact Kristen Heighberger-Ortiz  Kristen Heighberger-Ortiz ex: 22313 Teacher
Contact Jessica Menning  Jessica Menning ex: 22323 Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Veronica Dubuque  Veronica Dubuque ex: 22336 Teacher
Contact Gabriella Eldredge  Gabriella Eldredge ex: 22387 Teacher
Contact Juan Rivera  Juan Rivera ex: 22316 Dual Language Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Julia De Lilla  Julia De Lilla Dual Language Teacher
Contact Connie Martinez  Connie Martinez ex: 22306 Professional Development Resource Teacher
Contact Amanda Short  Amanda Short ex: 22311 Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Julia De Lilla  Julia De Lilla Dual Language Teacher
Contact John Panzlau  John Panzlau ex: 22333 Teacher
Contact Sandra Roybal  Sandra Roybal ex: 22361 Teacher
Special Education
Contact William Apina  William Apina Special Education Teacher
Contact Diana Aragon  Diana Aragon ex: 22365 Special Education EA
Contact Wayne Bennett  Wayne Bennett ex: 22350 Special Education EA
Contact Lee Galbraith  Lee Galbraith ex: 22350 Special Education Teacher
Contact Heather Knustrom  Heather Knustrom ex: 22309 Head Special Education Teacher
Contact Lynette Mcgranahan Sherbring  Lynette Mcgranahan Sherbring ex: 22325 Special Education EA
SESS 1 Program
Contact Scott Brandt  Scott Brandt Special Education EA
Contact Rachel Cantrell  Rachel Cantrell Special Education Teacher
Contact Brandelin Duke  Brandelin Duke ex: 22379 Special Education Teacher
Contact Erin Farley  Erin Farley Special Education Teacher
Contact Michael Franz  Michael Franz ex: 22355 Special Education EA
Contact Kiana Herrera  Kiana Herrera Special Education EA
Contact Jude Lovato  Jude Lovato ex: 22351 Special Education Teacher
Contact Daniel Miramontes  Daniel Miramontes ex: 22379 Special Education EA
SESS 2 Program
Contact Obi Aget  Obi Aget Special Education EA
Contact Zaba Angel  Zaba Angel Special Education EA
Contact Hope Becker  Hope Becker Special Education EA
Contact Eduardo Campos Lopez  Eduardo Campos Lopez Special Education EA
Contact Excel Canoneo  Excel Canoneo Special Education EA
Contact Trevor Capra  Trevor Capra Special Education EA
Contact Teresa Chaires Chavira  Teresa Chaires Chavira Special Education EA
Contact hc ch  hc ch Special Education EA
Contact Jocelyn Dollette  Jocelyn Dollette Special Education Teacher
Contact Gary Drown  Gary Drown Special Education EA
Contact Rosalinda Duran  Rosalinda Duran ex: 22367 Special Education EA
Contact Frances Farrah  Frances Farrah Special Education Teacher
Contact Victor Gaytan  Victor Gaytan Special Education EA
Contact Holly Glazebrook  Holly Glazebrook ex: 22335 Special Education Teacher
Contact Blythe Hamilton  Blythe Hamilton Special Education EA
Contact Carolyn Maestas  Carolyn Maestas Special Education EA
Contact Ryan Maydew  Ryan Maydew Special Education Teacher
Contact Cristie Ortiz  Cristie Ortiz ex: 22364 Special Education Teacher
Contact Melinda Perkins  Melinda Perkins Special Education EA
Contact Ricardo Rodriguez  Ricardo Rodriguez Special Education EA
Contact Adam Smith  Adam Smith Special Education EA
Contact Rodelyn Tampus  Rodelyn Tampus Special Education Teacher
Contact Kehiry Trejo Rico  Kehiry Trejo Rico Special Education EA
Contact Cecilia Valdez  Cecilia Valdez ex: 22364 Special Education EA
Contact Jose Darwin Virtusio  Jose Darwin Virtusio Special Education Teacher
Special Education and SES Support
Contact Kelly Campbell  Kelly Campbell ex: 22312 Social Worker
Contact Jessica Claypool  Jessica Claypool Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Kyle Cottrell  Kyle Cottrell Physical Therapist
Contact Margaret Dill  Margaret Dill ex: 22337 Diagnostician
Contact Marisa Dougherty  Marisa Dougherty Social Worker
Contact Jennifer Hattar  Jennifer Hattar Social Worker
Contact John Krek  John Krek ex: 22349 APE
Contact Taylor Rodgers  Taylor Rodgers Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Mark Woodard  Mark Woodard ex: 22302 Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Melissa Goodman-smith  Melissa Goodman-smith Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Contact Trulee Griffin  Trulee Griffin ex: 22303 Clerk
Contact Kathryn Hernandez  Kathryn Hernandez ex: 22304 Principal Secretary
Contact Elizabeth Bowen  Elizabeth Bowen Counselor
Physical Education
Contact Beatrice Gallegos  Beatrice Gallegos PE Teacher
Contact Daniel Taylor  Daniel Taylor ex: 22336 Librarian
Contact Jessica Estevan  Jessica Estevan Art Teacher
Contact Nathaniel Ashbaugh  Nathaniel Ashbaugh ex: 22347 Music Teacher
Resource Teachers
Contact Mary Anderson  Mary Anderson ex: 22330 Reading Interventionist
Contact Connie Martinez  Connie Martinez ex: 22306 Professional Development Resource Teacher
Contact Kevin Othole  Kevin Othole Indian Ed Resource Teacher
Family Liaison
Contact Monica Gualtero Se Habla Espanol  Monica Gualtero Se Habla Espanol ex: 22321 Community Family Liaison
Health Office
Contact Alexandra Rendon-Ruiz  Alexandra Rendon-Ruiz Nurse
Contact Gina Richardson  Gina Richardson ex: 22381 Health Assistant
Student Support
Contact Tomas Bernabe  Tomas Bernabe Student Support
Educational Assistants
Contact Franklin Gauna  Franklin Gauna Educational Assistant
Contact Jose Alire  Jose Alire Staff
Contact Margaret Romero  Margaret Romero Custodian
Contact Anabel Salazar Flores  Anabel Salazar Flores Custodian
Contact Juan Vargas  Juan Vargas Head Custodian