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Hello MES students, families, and staff!

My goal as Montezuma's school counselor is to provide support and care to our community. As a school counselor I follow the guidelines and professional standards set by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). ASCA stresses that my role in our school is to help students create attainable goals and healthy behaviors. School counselors are required at minimum to have a master's degree. We differ from mental health counselors in many ways- most important to understand is that we do not provide individual long-term counseling. I am always ready and willing to check in with students and provide resources to great mental health counselors in our area.

Contact me using the google form under the request counseling services tab or at: call 260-2040 extension 22314 or email


What does this mean for our school?

I support students by:

  • Doing individual check ins
  • Running short-term counseling groups for shared issues
  • Mediating disagreements between students
  • Offering a quiet space to take a break
  • Teaching social skills and behaviors

I support teachers by:

  • Allowing my space to be a place disruptive or upset students can take a break
  • Teaching classroom lessons centered on social emotional learning and personal safety
  • Coordinating health and wellness team meetings
  • Working with our attendance team

I support parents by:

  • Discussing parental and teacher concerns as needed
  • Assisting their students with daily tasks and school issues
  • Connecting families with resources