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Remote Learning

Remote Learning at Montezuma! 

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Montezuma Elementary

Remote Learning Expectations 



  At Montezuma, we are assigning a substantial amount of assignments and/or activities so families have several options to support an optimal learning experience for their child.  Our expectations are that students complete their assignments. However, we recognize the need for some families to adjust the workload for your child based on their academic needs and the needs of your family. Workloads and screen time can vary depending on grade level. If you have questions regarding assignments and deadlines, please contact your child’s teacher.


For students in Special Education, Assignments and screen time match minutes and subjects documented/required in their IEPs. 


We are keeping homework  - school work completed outside the 8:30-3:00 school day - to a minimum; most teachers are not assigning homework, and there is no homework assigned over the weekend.



Screen Time

Because of our current distance learning circumstances, children are most likely being exposed to excessive screen time.  We acknowledge that childhood learning is not always best served through screen-based activities.  Due to this fact, please consider your child’s age and needs when deciding how much screen time is appropriate.  We are doing our best to balance synchronous and asynchronous (live and off line) working times, but they may vary depending on the activity or the students. 


Google Meet

In general the maximum daily google meet times offered are  2 - 2.5  hours total, broken into short sessions throughout the day. This includes specials (art, music, P.E.) classes, which are 30 minutes in length.  Meets may be extended or shortened depending on the activity, but our aim is for a maximum of 2.5 hours if synchronous, direct instruction per day. Some teachers leave their meet “classroom” open all day, and allow students to come in when they need support. Classroom break times are also flexible to provide for content and student needs.


*Keep in mind that Google Meet times may sometimes provide socialization and will not always be academically driven; although they cannot begin a meeting, some students may use break times to meet informally if the teacher allows it.



Click  the link below to access the Virtual Schedule and your individual schedule

Virtual Schedule
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